Monday, September 21, 2009

Why is it important to get a Eve Online Mining Guide?

One of the best ways to make vast amounts of ISK is to mine the asteroid belts for ore. This process is very profitable but you have to know what you are doing and where to find the best ore to mine and sell.

Eve online automatically created new mining areas for exploration when a new account is made, so you can imagine the vast amounts of new fields you can prospect with so many people signing up everyday.

All of these new mining sectors can be found on the outskirts on the asteroid belt and most EVE online mining guides will tell you to search there initially if you are new and want to start up. These areas have low security and are recommended for people that are begun there expeditions.

However, choosing an effective strategy to making ISK through mining is where most player go wrong. Newbies tend to go it alone and try to mine and process by themselves, this can inefficient and can actually take longer to complete thus slowing down productivity and also hurt your profits.

The best way is the form joint ventures and mine in groups.

You can assign 2 or 3 players to mine and process the ore and others can be on guard duty watching out for pirates. Working in teams can quickly get your mining and process levels up to the required standards faster and make you some serious ISK in return. You can also buy better mining and refinery equipment.

While mining the asteroid belts you will always encounter attacks from pirates be it computer generated or from your friends and other players, but best way to combat this is to bookmark your asteroid so you can 'jump' back to the mining spot without leaving a trace for pirates to track you down.

The time spend to manufacturer ore to make ISK is crucial in this game, if you are able to make ISK quickly through faster mining strategies then you have a big advantage over others, most take the short cut and use macros but these are frowned upon by the EVE online administrators and you can have your account erased for good.

What you are advised to do is download a Eve Online Mining guide which will teach you step by step the best mining strategies available and used by top EVE players worldwide. These tips and secrets won't get your accounts banned or make you lose all that hard work you put in over the months.

Instead you will learn how to make Billions of ISK fast!

To learn more go to - EVE Online Mining Guide.