Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eve Online Mining Guide - Step By Step Guide To Eve Mining and Making ISK Billions

If you're acquainted with Eve Online then you likely know that mining ore is a major part of this MMORPG type game. Mining for Ores is like finding gold on world of Warcraft, without it you can't make ISK and without this you can't progress in the game or 'level up' as its more commonly known. However , this part of the game can be quite tough to perform and often terribly maddening if you don't know what you're doing. All it takes is some quality advice from gurus in the game that may point you in the right path and help elevate your Eve online mining to the next level.

When prospecting for Ore the mining ships head for the asteriod belts where you can set up base and crop for various sorts of ores that can be refined into materials to build ships and weapons. The problem is trying to get the Ore out safely to the refining stations, the raw ore itself is unusable so you want to refine it to make it sell-able and make a profit.

You may think this is pretty straight forward, but its not! There are hundreds of variables to consider and you are best advised to have a eve online mining guide that can show you step by step how it's possible to get it done like the Pro's.

Most inexperienced EVE players just head off to the asteroid belts without any methodology in place . What you want to be aware of is that there'll be other players there mining for Ore too. These players will be your competitors so you'll have to be savvy and use better methods to extract and refine the ore better than them.

What you can do if you not keen to go head to head with others is mine in a remote area,a fast guideline is to mine where theres less than fifty pilots, this can guarantee that you get a descent quantity of ore. You need to also mine close to a refinery station, jumping to close by refinery's will save down-time and help you take it in faster for ISK currency.

Once you have a basic grasp of manufacturing ores and are comfortable in selling it for ISK then you can start hunting for more expensive kinds of ore. One tips in figuring out if its more valuable is by checking what grade it is ( the names of the higher grade ores can start with An or B ). For instance if the ore is 'A' grade then you know its valuable and you will make good ISK when its refined, if its grades, M or N then you right away it holds less price and not worthwhile spending the resources to mine it. Mining for more valuable ores does come with its problems, some are found in remote areas that need long distances to go so you have got to use your discreetness and figure out if its actually worthwhile.

Arkonor is the most valuable ore and nearly all pro EVE player are searching for this, this can be easy to refine but difficult to find due to its popularity are demand, so its recommended to go for lesser requested ores like Veldespar that may be simpler to find.Once you gain more experience and obtain better kit you can then search for more profitable ores to make significant ISK cash.

To save the time experimenting and learning the different types of ore to mine it is better to download an eve online guide about mining, this may show you all the systems, tricks to making billions of ISK swiftly.

Best of all of these guides are compiled from top EVE players who have agreed to share their methods and reveal all to those who are trying to understand this complicated game.

So are you wanting to become an EVE billionaire?

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Why is it important to get a Eve Online Mining Guide?

One of the best ways to make vast amounts of ISK is to mine the asteroid belts for ore. This process is very profitable but you have to know what you are doing and where to find the best ore to mine and sell.

Eve online automatically created new mining areas for exploration when a new account is made, so you can imagine the vast amounts of new fields you can prospect with so many people signing up everyday.

All of these new mining sectors can be found on the outskirts on the asteroid belt and most EVE online mining guides will tell you to search there initially if you are new and want to start up. These areas have low security and are recommended for people that are begun there expeditions.

However, choosing an effective strategy to making ISK through mining is where most player go wrong. Newbies tend to go it alone and try to mine and process by themselves, this can inefficient and can actually take longer to complete thus slowing down productivity and also hurt your profits.

The best way is the form joint ventures and mine in groups.

You can assign 2 or 3 players to mine and process the ore and others can be on guard duty watching out for pirates. Working in teams can quickly get your mining and process levels up to the required standards faster and make you some serious ISK in return. You can also buy better mining and refinery equipment.

While mining the asteroid belts you will always encounter attacks from pirates be it computer generated or from your friends and other players, but best way to combat this is to bookmark your asteroid so you can 'jump' back to the mining spot without leaving a trace for pirates to track you down.

The time spend to manufacturer ore to make ISK is crucial in this game, if you are able to make ISK quickly through faster mining strategies then you have a big advantage over others, most take the short cut and use macros but these are frowned upon by the EVE online administrators and you can have your account erased for good.

What you are advised to do is download a Eve Online Mining guide which will teach you step by step the best mining strategies available and used by top EVE players worldwide. These tips and secrets won't get your accounts banned or make you lose all that hard work you put in over the months.

Instead you will learn how to make Billions of ISK fast!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

EVE online Mining guide - Make fast ISK using secret Mining strategies.

If you're not a fan of taking risks then mining is definitely a strategy you need to look into - especially when trying to make ISK. What you need is a easy-to-follow EVE online mining guide that will reveal all the tips & tricks that top EVE gamers employ to dominate their opponents.

If you want to upgrade your weapons and ships then you need to build ISK income streams that can fund your desired enhancements for your frigates and other ships - mining is a reliable and easy ISK making scheme that can quickly build you the necessary cash.

If your beginner your mining equipment and ships will be of cheap quality so it would be best to search and harvest the lower grade ores for starters, then when you have gathered sufficient cash you can upgrade your mining lasers to mine the higher quality ores for bigger returns on ISK profits.

Another important tip for newbies is to start clear of low level secuity systems where Pirates are likely to be lurking. The last thing you need is to have all your precious ore and potential profits being pilfered leaving you with nothing but frustrating and bankruptcy.

One rule of thumb is to stay within 0.8 to 1.0 (or even higher) this will ensure that you'll keep your profits. When you have the enough cash and have made the weapon upgrades on your frigates then you can tackle the lower level systems and search for the more lucrative ore in the asteroid belts.

To help maximise your mining profits it is recommended to download a EVE online mining guide. These manuals contain secret strategies and proven techniques that expert EVE gamers use to make billions of ISK by mining for ores.

The guide will teach you where to go, what types of ore are profitable and what to away from, quickest way to transport ore, what equipment you need, and much more....

Mining to make ISK is one of the safest and profitable methods when compared to bounty hunting for pirates or being a messenger.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Eve Online Mining guide - Make ISK Hunting Pirates!

In my recent posts I talked about making ISK using eve online mining guides, but that is not the only way to make substantial amounts of ISK everyday.

Defending yourself from Pirate raids while mining for ore in the asteroid belts can be very costly your ISK funds of you're not sufficiently equipped to repel any attacks that may occur during your explorations.

Instead of wasting your valuable ISK purchasing weapons and armoring your frigates you can make ISK hunting pirates and killing them.

So where can you find them?

You can find Pirates in low level security systems, a good rule of thumb is searching systems that have a 0.8 or lower security level, the lower the better. If you have strong enough frigates and weapons you can hunt the Pirates, eliminate them, then be reward ISK for your efforts.

If you're not confident enough to take on Pirates in the lower level belts then try combating them in higher level security areas. Once you conquer them in those realms move onto the lower systems and start making some real ISK.

As mentioned earlier you need the right weapons to take on Pirates, remember these dudes are well equipped and will not lay down lightly!

There are so many factors in consider before embarking on such a mission. That's why having a in depth 'how to' guide can show you exactly what you need to make billions of ISK hunting pirate rats in the system belts.

There are many EVE online pirate guides but one that has been recommended by many EVE players is the EVE online Billioniare guide, this manual contains strategies and tips used by top EVE gamers that have proven to make them billions of ISK.

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Watch Pirates get OWNED

Saturday, August 15, 2009

EVE online mining guide - Amass Billions of ISK

I am guessing the reason why you are studying this piece is often because you are attempting to find a EVE online mining guide of some sort to develop your mining and ISK profit skills better. The majority that play this game browse the forums and fan sites trying to find tips and secrets on ways to mine ore and make more ISK only to find that some of the info is outmoded or just plain useless. What you need to do is find an effective EVE online gaming guide that can teach you how to gather ore quicker so you can build and amass better ships, weapons and tools. Knowing where to find the ore and which ore is more profitable is crucial to progress in this game.

there are lots of guides out there that teach you assorted abilities and techniques on how to gather ore for ISK credits, but you need a guide that can help you learn the precise methods that EVE GURU's are using to rule the game. These help files contain secrets and methods that top EVE online game-players are implementing to completely wipe out their opposition and OWN the server. Mining for ore is the swiftest way to build up ISK, when you compare it to methods like Bounty hunting or being a straightforward messenger you'll quickly realize that its more worthwhile and effective mining for ore.

Its far more convient using an Eve online mining guide in pdf format. I have found these types of guides to be far better to use than normal hard copy manuals which can distract from your gaming when refering to it. With an Eve online gaming guide on mining you can simple use the search feature on you pdf reader and quickly find the info you need at the time.

Some folk view EVE online gaming guides as a sort of cheating as it gives you the inside secrets on how to get 'one-up' on your mates. But this is far from the truth. These days millions of online gameplayers employ a 'guide' to be told how to walkthrough levels and complete quests that they could have found difficult on their lonesome. These tutorials serve as a reference of learning for some and can reinforce and develop their appreciation of the game. Of course there is free ones out there too but you'll find that these guides don't contain the systems EVE guru's are using to dominate the entire server.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Accumulate Billions of ISK - Eve Online Mining Guide

If you want to upgrade your weaponry and ships quickly then the simplest way is to look into Eve online mining as a method of financing purchases of this stuff. to amass this stuff like ships or weapons its vital to master the craft of mining to get the jump on the competition online . There are other techniques of gathering funds like being a messenger or bounty hunter but these techniques are slow and time intensive and will hinder your progress in the game. Once you manage to aquire a frigate then you can excellerate you mining and purchasing power to advance your eve online gaming.

Your mining career should start with looking for the hottest ore that's available, one example in Eve online is low grade asterioids. There are always masses of these to mine and exploit, mining is a numbers game and the more asteroids you mine the more credits you can gather to purchase better ships, mining tools and weapons. One of the things that you may encounter while doing Eve online mining i unpleasant prirates that will raid you for your precious ore, harvesting low grade ore will lesson the possibilities of being robbed just you'll have to mine greater quantitys to get your moneys worth. Besides when you start out you can only have cheap lasers that are unable to get to the dearer vaulable ores.

When you get started, you may have some money that you have made from the tutorial missions, and you'll find that you should purchase a Miner 1 from the market. You may also wish, starting, to purchase a survey scanner and the survey ability to give you a better shot at locating the ore. When you are getting started, remember the systems you look for should range from a 1.0 to 0.8 when it comes to security and that it should have less than thirty pilots in it.

Most likely you'll have utilized the tutorial missions and made some money during that time so be certain to use tha money sensibly when purchasing equipment for your first mining expedition. There are a few things you can purchase on your first mission - Miner 1, survery scanner and survey ability, these items are crucial in helping you locate ore more precisely. A good guideline when starting is attempting to find systems in the range of 0.8 to 1.0,

you can potentially discover that some areas you explore will be dried out so you might want to do some thorough looking around the near by systems. Due to your limited budget you'll also have to limit the distance of travel so be sure to keep the expenditions to 4 or 5 jumps away from your base. Another vital tip is to make certain your mining area is close to a refinery which will boost the valuation of the ore.

The better you are with you mining systems the more that you will be abeto accumulate wealth, this is often achieved with using the hotkeys, as an example if you find an asteroid with plenty of potential instead of leaving and waste time looking for it on your return you can simply bokmark it so you warp straight back to the hotspot and start mining from the word go!

While there are many career pats that you could choose, EVE Online mining can be quite rewarding and can be a superb way for you to build up some cash!

There method mentioned above are just a few things you can do to boost your mining and gathering Billions of ISK.

To get the edge over your chums yu truly need a Eve online mining guide which will teach you all the tricks and tips on a way to assemble billions of ISK through mining and other systems.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eve Online ISK guide - Get the Best ISK guide for EVE now!

You can make a subtstantial quantity of ISK for Eve online by simply using the right techniques and strategies. Most do it the difficult way, but if find out how to manipulate the buy and sell orders correctly you can make some big profits. With a Eve Online ISK guide you will be obtaining ISK at a faster rate than your competitors and laugh at those dreaded days of carrying goods to low demand areas and reselling it.

By just establishing yourself at a Jita station performing continial buy and sell trading of various items you can billions of ISK in fast time. In this article we're going to discuss some tips and strategie that can bump up your ISK profits by trying some straightforward buy selling trading tips.

Buy and Sell at the Right time!

Timing is of the essense, this applies epecially to getting ISK. The trick here is to indentify busy times of trading and having the ability to capitilise on buy items and selling it on for a fast profit. After you master this talent you'll be able to jump on the best deals that can make some major ISK profits.

Know What Items to Sell!

Look for items that are favored and sell reguarly, this stuff can be sold in mass quantities and make you miilions each time you enroll to sell. Items that sell well in massive orders are hold expanders or implants.

Throroughly Research the Market!

Researching the markets is the most effective way to get more ISK profit from your buying and selling in Eve Online, spend time looking at the market and trying to pick the items that sell quick and the items you can still make a healthly profit on. Even on days where I don't plan to play I still check the markets two times a day at least, This is to see firstly if there are any deals to grab and secondly to take a look at what's selling at what prices.Be sure to scan the market daily for hot deals to jump in on and to see what items selling costs are? Some folk tend to neglect this system and regularly just sell anything they can muster! But if you use the some of the techniques mentioned above and master knowing when the buy and sell on at the right times then you'll make some amazing ISK profits.

These are just a couple of tips on how to buy & sell on EVE for ISK, to get the edge over your mates and make billions of ISk fast you want an ISK guide that teach you step by step the best way to make tons of ISK fast!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Final method to get tons of ISK - Eve Online Mining Guide .

There are many main ways to generate Isk in Eve Online and depending on how you use any of these methodologies you can become wealthy in Eve online awfully swiftly. I'm going to take you though the good points and the bad points to every one of these techniques.

OK trading in Eve Online is always about buying low and selling high and you must repeat this process many times to become wealthy fast in Eve Online.

You need to train your business ships talents and buy yourself some form of hauler to move the products around, there's a few problems with this method one is this is only profitable if you know what you are actually doing or you've an enormous ship which can carry millions of units. Another would be the fact that you want some start up Isk and the more you have the better off you may be also the time it'll take for you to discover what is sweet to haul is also one of the problems with this technique. This is a particularly straightforward technique which anyone can do and providing you know what you are doing you can make a large amount of Isk extraordinarily quickly.

Manufacturing in Eve Online could be an awe-inspiring way to make plenty of Isk but you can only make a good amount of you have good industry talents and investigated plans, In my judgment there's many better ways to make more Isk. Naturally there's pirating which can be extraordinarily profitable but to be effective needs to be done in groups doing this solo carries a risk and occasionally the danger isn't worthwhile since pirating isn't a method to make a stable income.

But once more if you do it properly you can earn yourself a large amount of Isk.

You may already have you own strategies to make Isk but I assure you can enhance your Isk income. Discover the best methodologies and find out how to generate huge amounts of Isk in the Isk guide recommended below

To start making more ISK quicker than your mates you want a Eve Online Mining Guide.