Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eve Online Mining Guide - Step By Step Guide To Eve Mining and Making ISK Billions

If you're acquainted with Eve Online then you likely know that mining ore is a major part of this MMORPG type game. Mining for Ores is like finding gold on world of Warcraft, without it you can't make ISK and without this you can't progress in the game or 'level up' as its more commonly known. However , this part of the game can be quite tough to perform and often terribly maddening if you don't know what you're doing. All it takes is some quality advice from gurus in the game that may point you in the right path and help elevate your Eve online mining to the next level.

When prospecting for Ore the mining ships head for the asteriod belts where you can set up base and crop for various sorts of ores that can be refined into materials to build ships and weapons. The problem is trying to get the Ore out safely to the refining stations, the raw ore itself is unusable so you want to refine it to make it sell-able and make a profit.

You may think this is pretty straight forward, but its not! There are hundreds of variables to consider and you are best advised to have a eve online mining guide that can show you step by step how it's possible to get it done like the Pro's.

Most inexperienced EVE players just head off to the asteroid belts without any methodology in place . What you want to be aware of is that there'll be other players there mining for Ore too. These players will be your competitors so you'll have to be savvy and use better methods to extract and refine the ore better than them.

What you can do if you not keen to go head to head with others is mine in a remote area,a fast guideline is to mine where theres less than fifty pilots, this can guarantee that you get a descent quantity of ore. You need to also mine close to a refinery station, jumping to close by refinery's will save down-time and help you take it in faster for ISK currency.

Once you have a basic grasp of manufacturing ores and are comfortable in selling it for ISK then you can start hunting for more expensive kinds of ore. One tips in figuring out if its more valuable is by checking what grade it is ( the names of the higher grade ores can start with An or B ). For instance if the ore is 'A' grade then you know its valuable and you will make good ISK when its refined, if its grades, M or N then you right away it holds less price and not worthwhile spending the resources to mine it. Mining for more valuable ores does come with its problems, some are found in remote areas that need long distances to go so you have got to use your discreetness and figure out if its actually worthwhile.

Arkonor is the most valuable ore and nearly all pro EVE player are searching for this, this can be easy to refine but difficult to find due to its popularity are demand, so its recommended to go for lesser requested ores like Veldespar that may be simpler to find.Once you gain more experience and obtain better kit you can then search for more profitable ores to make significant ISK cash.

To save the time experimenting and learning the different types of ore to mine it is better to download an eve online guide about mining, this may show you all the systems, tricks to making billions of ISK swiftly.

Best of all of these guides are compiled from top EVE players who have agreed to share their methods and reveal all to those who are trying to understand this complicated game.

So are you wanting to become an EVE billionaire?

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