Monday, August 24, 2009

Eve Online Mining guide - Make ISK Hunting Pirates!

In my recent posts I talked about making ISK using eve online mining guides, but that is not the only way to make substantial amounts of ISK everyday.

Defending yourself from Pirate raids while mining for ore in the asteroid belts can be very costly your ISK funds of you're not sufficiently equipped to repel any attacks that may occur during your explorations.

Instead of wasting your valuable ISK purchasing weapons and armoring your frigates you can make ISK hunting pirates and killing them.

So where can you find them?

You can find Pirates in low level security systems, a good rule of thumb is searching systems that have a 0.8 or lower security level, the lower the better. If you have strong enough frigates and weapons you can hunt the Pirates, eliminate them, then be reward ISK for your efforts.

If you're not confident enough to take on Pirates in the lower level belts then try combating them in higher level security areas. Once you conquer them in those realms move onto the lower systems and start making some real ISK.

As mentioned earlier you need the right weapons to take on Pirates, remember these dudes are well equipped and will not lay down lightly!

There are so many factors in consider before embarking on such a mission. That's why having a in depth 'how to' guide can show you exactly what you need to make billions of ISK hunting pirate rats in the system belts.

There are many EVE online pirate guides but one that has been recommended by many EVE players is the EVE online Billioniare guide, this manual contains strategies and tips used by top EVE gamers that have proven to make them billions of ISK.

To find out more about how to make ISK pirate hunting then feel free to visit - EVE Online Pirate guide.

Watch Pirates get OWNED

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